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I Have Something To Tell You Before I Go To Bed
by Chris Curtis   (Author)
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Chapter One

Please Listen
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, I'll love thee to the depth, breath and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight for the ends of Being and ideal grace.-Eliza B Barret
An ideal man is he in whose soul there is harmony-Plato
Several times you have asked me this, “How can a man love a woman that much and still hurt her?
My lady let me answer you and to other women. A man, who really cares about his woman can not avoid hurting her.
My heart nor my head never contradicts themselves when it comes to the issue of loving you.
From the very first day I set my eyes on you, my heart never deceived me but I know it will take a lot of time to build up trust.
There are many questions that confront me about you and I can't stop but ask you this again; How do I love you? How do I make you happy? How do I really love you and satisfy you?
I acknowledge the fact that I have lied to you several times, but one thing I have never done is stop loving you and I made a solemn promise that I will never stop loving you.
I know that I have not always been there for you as you wished, I know you have complained that I have stopped loving you.
My love, let my conscience judge me if I have stopped loving you, I have not stopped loving you though I have stopped showing it to you. If I have ever lied to you, I did it with good motives.
My lady, I promise that I will never lie to you again but be faithful to you as long as our relationship last.
My lady, please listen to me before I go to bed, because I have questions to ask you. My questions go thus; How do I love you? How do I understand you? How do I really make you happy? And fulfil your dreams? I know my questions came to you as surprise but it matters not if you cannot answer me now, but then I beg you to let me love you as my heart directs me to, let me love you without you asking me what attracts me to you, let me be the one you look up to in times of discomfort, let me be your voice when you need one, let me be your strength when you seem to be weak.
My lady, permit me to say this to you; You said I am self-centered and too logical. Please, I ask you to help me solve this puzzle.
I know that the heart of a woman is the world's greatest mystery, but then let me love you to the depth, breadth, length and height my soul cann’t reach. I want to give to you, all the love you deserve and be there for you when you are cold. I will never get tired of loving you and even if we grow old we will be together as long as there is life in us.
You will always be that young lady I met years back even when you grow old. Every moment with you, will be a moment never with an end. They say that the person we love is like a candle lighting our soul. There is no limit to what I would do for you. Just ask and it will be done, no matter the miles, no matter the sacrifice.
I celebrate myself and sing myself, and what I assume, you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.
Please let me tell you this before I go to bed; You may not be an angel because angels are so uncommon, but until the day that one comes along I'll string along with you.
Asleep on my bed, night after night, I dreamed of the one I love.
I was looking for my love but couldn't find her, I went wandering through the city, through its streets and alleys. I looked , but couldn't find my love. The guards patrolling the city saw me. I asked them “Have you found my lover ?” As soon as I left them I found you.

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Product Details
Author: Chris Curtis
Publisher: Oxbrand Planet
Publication date: 7/17/2014
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 620 x 874
More About This eBook
I Have Something To Tell You Before I Go To Bed, is a socio-scriptural romance piece which combined fictional, contemporary and scriptural romance to convey its message in poetic and objective manner. Every line exposes the reader's emptiness, nothingness and nakedness of heart in other to bring into life, pure love both in words and deeds.
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About Author
Chris Curtis is a trained educationist, dynamic, passionate, and enthusiastic personality, who is so much in love with the literary world.
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I Have Something To Tell You Before I Go To Bed
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