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Rising Above
by Jerry Ankeli   (Author)
Read First Three Chapters


Life is a journey and every journey has phases. Many times we are stuck at one point of challenge or the other. Life is all about challenges. This is one truth we must all learn. I believe there are three phases life presents us with; sometimes we only go through each of these phases while at other times we are stuck within the situations. These phases are what I have classified as the beaten, the battered and the shattered.
This book is about the various stages of life; it is the path of the life of those who have been through so much, yet are not dead. For the things I have been through if someone had given me a premonition that I would have gone through some of these years earlier, I would not have believed it. My thought being, if I go through these things I would be dead. However, I’ve being through so much and I’m still alive. I believe every human being on earth has a story to tell, a musician once said experience, everyone has one. I also believe the story we have to tell is determined by where we find ourselves in the ladder of life, thus” Rising Above is a story of dedication and steadfastness with God despite storms and situations we have been faced with. This book is a walk, a walk with God.
Though there are extreme situations faced by men and women who had held in high esteem what there have not yet seen, Faith is built up. This is a walk of faith, love and hope. Consequently, this book is an answer to life’s most difficult questions; Questions that arise in the heat of the past, the present and also the place of faith. It is important to deal with the past; view it in its proper perspective in other to move forward with our lives. Until we understand why things happen in the present the way they do, we cannot make the future a worthwhile one. We have to understand why things go wrong in our lives and know what we have to learn from each situation to move beyond it. When we go through some things in life we usually try to close the door to those past but in doing that we end up hiding situations we have not dealt with or been able to deal with. Though these situations we may claim to have buried, we would find ourselves often visiting them just where we buried them, in graves we would usually visit; leaving in brokenness, bitterness, frustration and disappointment.
Life brings us questions which are usually engraved in our experiences and in any case, questions we must answer. However answering these questions means we must in the first place identify the kind of past we have being through, because these have a way of defining who we are and the kind of future we would likely face. That is why the book is classified into three phases bearing in mind that though we are not the architects of the things we face in life, we must all decide to make something out of the various phases of life we pass through; The hard times, the storms and the struggles of life does not come to some and spare others but most times, these situations leave us with emotional scares that we often keep alive in our hearts and most times we have to fight to keep our self-esteem intact. I have come to realize that whenever we go through challenges, we have a tendency of believing that we are the only ones going through it thus it is peculiar to us, since no one has ever gone through it, neither will anyone ever go through it.
I would acknowledge it is not easy to understand what someone is faced with, as we can only relate with what we ourselves have gone through, which is one of the reasons for this book and why this book is a message to some, a prophecy to others, a story to some and still a life to others. Whatever it is, it is a tool in God’s hands.
Challenges of life make real the word of God. It is quite obvious that most part of God’s word has been inspired through the challenges faced by men (humanity). Thus Gods word in time has made successes out of failures, winners out of losers and wise out of fools. All this is because God has plans for his children. This is destiny. Rising Above is intended to set your mind on where God is taking you to, which is your purpose and destiny, as against where you started from or where you are. Life is for destiny and our destiny is only in God and this is why everyone must define their path to eternity, since destiny is a physical thing with an eternal value. When God speaks to us and we obey him, we are on the part of destiny. We must understand we are not the reason why we find ourselves here on earth, however we are responsible for the part we play within Gods word, will and plans. This can puts us in a very prominent position in our own future. Hence, we must see the joy that has been set before us.
Our destiny begins in God and will end in God. This is why what we know about what we are faced with can change our lives. What we do in whatever situation we are in can make or mar our lives. Life is a journey and not so much is needed as we walk in life. Most times we carry things from the past that are not needed, hence, this deprives us of the most useful travelling kit which include all we have learnt from God, since this will affect what we eventually become. Our past in a way holds the key to our future.
Until I understood this, and that whatever happens in our lives we do not need to adore pain and bitterness, I never made a conscious decision to move from where I was to where I needed to be. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to deal with the past, because this is the only way we can see the future. No one can go beyond his past when he still sees through the eyes (lens) of his past. I know and believe that most of the things we go through, we are often times are not responsible for but many of us feel guilty for what we did not cause and what we cannot change. We feel guilty for what we don’t and cannot control. It is what we make out of our lives inspite of all the challenges that touches God’s heart. Abraham’s faith in the bible was very important because of what he made out of his situations. This is why Abraham’s faith is as important as the people it was to save eventually. Just as challenges must come, we must also decide to build faith, because faith must stand.
Whatever we do in the midst of challenges is a function of what we know and believe in. Nothing in life just happens; spirits play a great part in our every day existence also, hence the importance of faith which is the material trust for unseen things which also is our only connection to the spirit of God. The role spirits play in our everyday life cannot be over emphasized; hence we can either be blessed or cursed by the activities of men who before us either follow God or the devil. Which is why sometimes in the present, what many of us face is not really our doing but the decisions of men before us. Men who walked in death, thus we find ourselves living under consequences of people’s will and belief. This is why whatever point we start from is not a crime neither is it something to be ashamed of, since we cannot only learn from the past but create a future that is based entirely on our will and on God’s word. God will not leave us comfortless; Rising Above is about our use and handling of the truth of God’s word. The greatest thing we can ever change in our lives is our mind; hence the stronghold about most lives that God doesn’t and can’t change is what we think and how we choose to think. God can’t change our thoughts; the problem is that most of us started life with everything on the wrong side because the devil has fought us on every side; God has put so much inside of us which is the key to the door that leads into our future. This book seeks to light different people in the Bible who were at one time or the other at the different stages of the path of life we now find ourselves. Therefore we are not alone. Not one of us is. There’s always someone who have been through the same kind of thing we are now faced with.
The beaten represents those who have never won, and have often lost in the field of life. They now have cause to believe in what life has determined for them. They simply believe in their situations. They have usually suffered defeat in loneliness and have grown to accept their situations. These have come to accept that life cannot be any different for them, believing that things would always be bad because it has to do with them. Many of them need to find expression in life; those who chase after things but don’t expect to get them.
The battered on the other hand, are those who have been constantly been faced with the same kind of situation and pain because they can’t see any way ahead of them in life. Many of them have come to believe that what they are going through is the destiny God has planned for them, and nothing can change it. They hardly know who they are, neither can they recognize who or what they are becoming; their hope is built on fear and pain which is based on the constant repetition of their experiences. These are people who find it very hard to forgive themselves because they feel they have lost all their opportunities in life.
The shattered are those who have lost the reason and purpose of life. Those who have no vision and plan for living; for these, they constantly walk in circles of everyday life without grasping the meaning and purpose of it. They usually have no rules, no guide that defines the direction of the future. They have failed to know that in the depth of crisis, one of the strongest weapons of warfare is a definite vision and goal from God without which a crisis remains.
If you can find a resemblance of you in this book, then I believe you need to keep reading; you need to read it through. When we know what to do at whatever point we find ourselves in life, we can breakthrough; its time to move on from the storms of life to the place of purpose; flip over to the next page.


The beaten represents those who have never won, those who have never been given the opportunity to express themselves. They have always been dominated and forced or pushed behind the scene. Their views are usually not respected. They are rejected and left alone dejected, these are persons who for most times leave below their own expectations and never really attain their own desires. This is the world of the beaten.
In life we are victims one time or the other; we are beaten. While at other times, we walk through this stage of life continuously not seeing the end of it. Rejection is something, many people are still fighting against since no one ever wants to be rejected, when we are rejected, we start searching and craving for acceptance, which often times come with its own price. This is why so many times even though we claim to have buried some of our past, we find ourselves often visiting those graves and in any case, not healing from those hurts that once and is still holding us down. We are the beaten; becoming as unstable as the wind, not trusting but doubting. This has made us punching bags of our situations; hence before we get into the ring of life, already defeated. Many of us beaten go out searching for comfort and we get abused, used and finally dumped. Thus making you to hate you; walking in isolation, with loneliness sticking closer than a brother.
The ups and down of life may not have left the beaten with many opportunities, instead of being encouraged we are despised by some of the people that are supposed to be closest to us. Thus, our value is belittled, our gifts and potentials ignored and our emotions are left to suffer. This is a painful point to be at; this is real for both Christians and non-Christians. The truth is that the world outside of our hearts is all about using people. They use you until they don’t need you anymore. Usually men try to attain profit at the expense of others, inarguably denying true potentials, tolerating people with the greatest of these gifts and in some cases out rightly rejecting them. This is why I believe no one wants to be rejected. Every human being wants to be accepted, recognized and shown some love; it is inbuilt and when we can’t get it where we are supposed to, we would definitely seek it some other place. The world can be so shattering when you soon learn that the people you thought stood with you were never with you. All this usually leads to the “been on my own thing”! Learning the world is not the way we once thought it was is definitely the greatest point of disappointment. This is why we suffer for what we have not done. There’s a lot of frustration outside of our hearts hence, our hearts is the most reliable place to safely dwell.
Everyone wants to be known, accepted and celebrated but, this; the world wants to do at our expense, trying to exploit men (humanity) for its gain. This is the beaten; though the world doesn’t believe in you, it is ready to beat you, until you wither away like a weakling and you are eventually classified a failure. You are in a race with the world, a race that favour’s your opponent much more than you. The world has set up itself to perpetually put you down by the kind of things it will say to you. Though it says negative things to you, remember in a contest you must accept every challenge that has been set up against you. This is why it is you who is beaten. Dreams have been lost in the process of life as a result of this. You must bear in mind; you are a threat to the world. This is why you are very important, though you may be looked down on because you don’t have very much achievement to show. This doesn’t make you any less blessed. This is because you have Jesus Christ who lives inside of you.
The beaten are those who suffer from the pain of the storm and since then have not been able to successfully overcome it by going beyond it. So many times we set for ourselves what we think life should present us with and in that way we try to build what we presume life should offer us, by building castles in the air. Sometimes this is the only way we think we can deal with the present we are not comfortable with. This is how we give the opportunity and control of our present away. Our self-esteem has been dealt a hard blow because of the situations we are faced with. This has affected everything around us, hence we soon find out we were waiting on nothing. And, making us to try to hide the past we don’t like. We try to change our past by hating it. We think by running away from our past we would find the freedom and joy that would set us free. To be beaten sometimes can mean just losing our expectations and when this often happens, it leaves us with a great sense of loss, which in many cases we try to use in defining our present and future as the case maybe.
The kind of situations faced by the beaten usually leads to the expression of certain type of actions and reactions, like doubting some of the things they once believed, losing patience, among other things. This is becomes worse when they repeatedly face the same situation. It must be pointed out here that everyone has a challenge or an unpleasant situation one point of our lives or the other, the problem is not that we are faced with situation or challenge but how we let these, affect and influence the people we are supposed to become. For this reason I have come to believe that how we see the future is built on how much we are able to see through and beyond our situations and challenges, with great knowledge and understanding in other to avoid being led consistently into wrong decisions. The place of wrong decisions that is based on our past cannot be over emphasized since this has the ability to either leave us in our present situations or help change it completely. This is why we go through some things over and over again. The only way any ones situation can be viewed as pathetic is when that situation is not overcome. It is significant to point out that situation and challenges are not peculiar to any one, although we at times, consistently leave ourselves at the place of defeat, because of our actions and in actions.
Every situation and challenge has a solution and all that solution can be attained. The first solution apart from indentifying any problem is to believe that there’s a solution to whatever you are faced with. My father once said that the only thing we do not have a solution for as human being is death. Even in the case of death I believe it is because death is a way into another life. Thus the solution to been the beaten can be seen from the bible, where we can locate people who were like we are in the presence of situations and challenges.
Let us look at the book of Isaiah chapter 53:1 to the 12. (K.J.V.)
This scripture is prophetic since it deals with Jesus Christ and the life he was going to be espoused to. Hence this scripture relates in details the life Jesus Christ eventually lived.
In verse 3; He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
This scripture is so similar to the events that occurred in the book of Matthew 26 from verse 31 to chapter 27 from verse 1 to the end.
In this scripture Jesus Christ was despised, rejected and even betrayed. In this case, he even knew what he was going to face, yet he hated no one even when his soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death (Matthew 26:38). It can also be noticed that at the point of Jesus’ greatest pain he wanted his friends to stay with him and help bear him up in prayers. It is significant to point out that at our point of greatest pain we need people who can stand by us. This must be well placed in that, we must know precisely who can stand with us and who will betray us. I also want to bring out the fact that his betrayal was one of his own friends. Sometimes the things we want most or cherish are some of the things that usually fight our future. From the above information, Jesus Christ started from being a savior to a criminal, he was beaten. He lost his place of being celebrated to being wanted by both the people and the government.
In addition to this Jesus was arraigned before an oppressive judge, who not only oppressed the people Jesus came to liberate but tried to establish himself as god. Usually the people that really want to change the human situation have to go through the accusation of trying to become themselves, King, which is what Jesus Christ was accused of. This is why he was beaten, slapped, insulted and nailed to the cross. He was humiliated much more than any one of us, who are now beaten, but the purpose of using Jesus’ life is to show us we are not alone and for us to know some people before us have gone through the same thing we are now going through. Jesus Christ was where many of us are now. Let’s look at Jesus Christ again, who within a very short time moved from being celebrated to the point of deep sense of pain and anguish. The Bible said he was very troubled and felt like death. Everything that day went wrong. Many times we have found ourselves at similar points. You may be facing the same kind of situation in the present either been incarcerated in prison or maybe bed ridden in a hospital and you are troubled, you are beaten just like Jesus was, you must now know, you are not the first person to face what you are going through now.
Let’s look at another example still from the Bible. In Genesis 37:1 to 11, this is the story of Joseph; He had a dream; he spoke about the dream to those closest to him or rather those who should be closest to him. I believe he just wanted to be heard, understood and helped. He expected to be encouraged and given a clear direction, instead he was rebuked, shouted down, because of the dream he did not create. Joseph was first of all a child that came from a woman who used to be barren. He was the first born son of his mother. Born into a family that is divided by affection. Although he was loved by his father, he was hated by his brothers. Of course this can be easily understood when the history of the family is seen. This family had a lot of hate introduced into it by Leah through her children, as expected this was carried on and expressed by her children. All this were to become the basis of his being sold into slavery. This was to begin the process of his moving from one situation to the other, for the next thirteen years he was most of the time either in prison or when he became a servant, it was a great achievement. When you remain for long in a particular point or challenge people tend to forget you. This was Joseph’s lot until God set him on free. He did not become great only because of his acts but because God had put him through situations that he had used in training him.
Many times it is the people we feel are our close allies that set the stage against us. Sometimes it is our own family members while at other times it is our friends that turn to hurt us the most. Very many times we suffer from things we did not create and we are made into victims. We are beaten not because we wanted to be beaten, rather we are now beaten just the same way it could have been anyone else. The state of being beaten sparks up a lot of questions in our hearts, with occasional doubts raging within our souls. These questions could range from what have I done to deserve this? And in some other cases what didn’t I do?
If you are with me then, relax and…read on.

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This book seeks to highlight the point that challenges are not peculiar to anyone. While it might be easy for some to easily sail through this challenge, others find themselves locked in a pattern that lives them shattered.
It’s time to Rise Above being beaten, battered and shattered, this book brings to light the point that we can overcome, whatever challenges we are faced with, welcome to the world of the overcomers.
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Jerry ankeli is a writer who through so many experiences has learnt to overcome many of lives challenges. He believes in God which is the foundation of his being able to rise above. He desires to teach and help people world over find their own victory through their situations.
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