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Nigeria's Bitter Truth
by Okwor Maxwell Onyeka   (Author)
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Frankly speaking, Nigeria as a nation is presently confronted with saddening breakdown of security of lives and properties. This break down is capable of bringing down the wall of unity in our dear nation as some citizens now fear that it can destroy the foundation of our country if we remain reluctant to act appropriately or have lost the unity to do so.

In spite of the civil war we had in time past, Nigeria still enjoyed reasonable amount of peace until recently. We used to be ranked among the most peaceful people in the world. The reign of peace is fast becoming nothing but history.

"O inhabitants of our dear nation, Nigeria:

It is high time we sued for peace!"

- Abegunde Sunday O., Nigerian Poet

Today, Nigeria is faced with a high rate of terrorism. This actually started just like a college riot whose motives and solution are known and thought can be quick to fix or resolve even at wish. The scene of this issue now is like an inferno ravaging anything on its way. It is gradually becoming visible that we are badly been haunted by this problem whose solution seem far from our reach, though good efforts are been made. We are seriously in dire need of some sorts of intervention soon. I hope divine intervention come to our rescue soon.

The worldwide search engine, Wikipedia explained Boko-Haram to be a group of Islamist Insurgency and people committed to the Prophet's teachings for propagation and Jihad.

The Boko-Haram terrorism has formed a major issue among a whole lot of other security issues in recent years. Boko-Haram insurgency is a very sophisticated and complicated war against the existence of “One Nigeria”. Believe it or not, this is no time for sentiments. Whether or not our incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan resigns, whether he is re-elected or not, whether or not he is a northerner, all these won’t help us in any way, but our collective efforts is all that is needed at this crucial time in our nation. To start with, we have to ask ourselves, 'what grudge does the Boko-Haram have against the president?’ Could it be because of his tribe or his style of leadership? Could it be something about how he governs the Nation? Do you know Boko-Haram started its full operation way back in 2002? Therefore, it is not actually about President Good luck Jonathan. Nigeria must wake up to the reality we are faced with, and we must do so urgently.

The insurgency groups have become a bigger thorn on Nigeria’s flesh. Their activities have caused us a lot of damages in terms of our national peace and resources, and had caused us setbacks yet we are still so busy trading unguarded words, which are full of tribal and religious sentiments from the top to the lowest, blaming and accusing, often wrongly, and craving the resignation of the president or crying over his impotence. Well, if that be the solution, what else should we expect? Though, I am afraid that that is far off from the solution. If it is, someone should please explain and equally convince us beyond all reasonable doubt, why that is the solution in this situation. Some claim that the president is clueless, and has no knowledge about leadership of that capacity. Well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but one thing is certain, a nation, organization or any establishment is not run by one person, it is a collective responsibility. If our president is clueless, then let us lend him some reasonable clues not by insulting.

It must be brought to our knowledge that the entire world is actually faced with several, serious and series of security issues and Nigeria is not an exception, but it will be too bad should it be that we are the major cause of our troubles. If true, then we are doomed already. Because who then will stand to fight? Where will our victory come from? Some Nigerians, especially the elites have capitalized on the present security challenges in the country to perpetrate all sorts of evil, inciting the people by all means, well, if this country is destroyed today as predicted and as some of us are helping to, then everyone will be happy finally? It’s a pity for all!

Well, away from that for now, I think by now it should have dawned on us all that the current state of insurgency in our country (Nigeria) has both internal and external influences which is what we should be trying to bother our minds with not to indulge in sentimental words trading and clueless blame games here and there. Boko-Haram of yesterday is not the Boko-Haram of today, the group has become more complex, sophisticated, well organized, well financed, that it is justifiable to say that the group is receiving quality supports from unknown group(s) or organization(s), and we think that it is just a fight for the presidency alone, or a problem that will be solved by word trading? Of course not! If already we have resigned our fate to that, then our story has been told! We must all wake up to the reality of the present - The reality that we are faced with insurgency that is determined to tear us apart.

First, let me bring to equip us with some vital information that is very important to this national discussion. According to U.S intelligence reported way back in 2005, predicted that Nigeria risks disintegration by the year 2015. Is that not at play already? It's becoming more realistic with each day break. Considering how carelessly we have been treating this issue, it is like we have already resigned to fate even before the time. It is really a sad one!

Have we ever sat down since all these insurgency issue started to find a better and probably a holistic and proactive solution and measure to counter this predicted disintegration of our dear country if it eventually begin to manifest in total reality like we are beginning to see now. Now, look at us, then look at the reality of the prediction, and look at our attitude, should care not be taken, we are in for it already.

Aside that, in February 2003, Osama Bin laden issued a video message where he listed countries like Nigeria, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Yemen, as to be Islamized. He called on his Muslim brothers in his usual manner to rise up and fight. What are they charged to fight for! Probably, they are charged to fight to replace the government with an Islamic leadership. Such was equally treated as a mere talk, but little did we know that the future holds something far different from our thoughts. Today what is happening to our country Nigeria? Is she suffering anything contrary to the interpretation of that message? And equally looking at some of these countries he mentioned alongside Nigeria, are the situations in these countries much different from what we are facing here? So many times, we are too careless about certain sensitive issues, and at the end, we begin to pay bitterly for such habitual carelessness and negligence of ours.

To be honest with all, Boko-Haram of today has gone beyond what Nigeria can comfortably handle alone and in this manner, we have several foreign interferences into this group- their activities, organization, training, planning, financing, etc. But I wonder why Nigeria as a nation suddenly becomes a target of destabilization and disintegration by these daredevil group and their cohorts! This is a must-solve puzzle we must ponder deep to get the actual answer. It is not a puzzle we can solve with a religious or tribalistic mindset. Even though we have been faced with series of problems, including corruption, bad leadership et cetera, still we are the envy of many countries, even by some of the powerful countries of the world. Therefore, they might have been looking for a way to harm us badly, to set us back or to disintegrate us. God forbid! But it is a fact we ought to note!

Obviously, some might be very envious of our natural endowments or giant strides, or some might equally be upset or angry with us for not doing one business or the other with them and as such, these countries might be ready to implore all means possible in order to achieve their aim. Of course, countries do use terrorism to achieve their foreign policies or to pursue their foreign interest. Such has been in existence for ages so it is not a new trend in the world.

In a write-up about the Boko-Haram insurgency titled, “How Colonialism Benefits from Boko-Haram’s Mass Kidnapping of Girls" culled from NSNBC, one of Nigeria’s political analysts, Olufemi Ijebuode was quoted to have said;

“The upshot of this latest massacre is to destabilize the state of Nigeria by sowing sectarian divisions among the population. The killers have been Boko-Haram operatives, but Boko-Haram is a proxy organization working on behalf of foreign powers.”

This is a very critical point he has raised which ought not be swept under the rug or neglected with just a wave of hand in our usual way. And to add to what Mr. Olufemi said, with this insurgent group said to be working on behalf of a foreign organization, we should not take away the fact that some influential Nigerians have hands in all these because the foreign organization could not have been working directly with these people without having some powerful Nigerian representatives.

Also, I see a lot of truth in what Mr. Olufemi has said considering how fast most of these foreign media are quick to report attacks or activities of this insurgent groups in such a frightening way than they do report on the Nigeria government success against the insurgents.

According to the quoted write-up above, in 2012, the Irish analyst, Finian Cunningham was said to have pointed out that the insurgent is playing a role as an instrument of Western Modo-Colonialism. He proceeded to say:

"On the surface, a militant group known as Boko-Haram appears to be the protagonist. But some believe that powerful Western interests are using the violence to consolidate foreign control over Nigeria’s vast oil wealth"

Today, Boko-Haram as an insurgent group is well funded and also possesses a well-coordinated intelligence network. That is an indication that there is something deeply hidden about this group. Look how they penetrate every nook and cranny of our country! Does that not send a strong message and warning signal to us? It is very obvious that we have a lot of work to do in matching up with the dangerous and smart dimensions and dynamism of the insurgent group. Though am happy with the recent collaboration with neighboring countries which I have long clamored for.

Recently, we have all heard of how they have been in control of many towns in some part of the Northern part of Nigeria. Though the government has been trying but I am not too satisfied with their efforts to counter these problems of insurgency. As for me, a whole lot more hard work need be put into this fight, at least by now, our intelligence departments should have been able to contribute immensely to this fight against the insurgent group, because by now, I expect that they should have come out with a comprehensive list of the several fact findings about this group- like who and who are supporting and sponsoring them, their base, recruitment ground, planned major attacks and so on, and equally making their findings publicly. Or could it be that the government lacked the boldness and courage to make such pronouncements, especially about their sympathizers and financiers within the country, or are we just fooling ourselves?

Lest I forget, till now, I am yet to understand what role the foreign countries that promised to offer a helping hand had played since then, even particularly in the rescue of the Chibok girls. Or was all that meant for publicity purpose or was meant to discredit our capability or to distract our efforts? Because I cannot figure out what all that promises were for then.

That notwithstanding, our security setup is very poor. I am sorry to say that but it's nothing short of truth. The security arrangements are so porous and irritating. Like at most of our boarders, people, goods, equipment, and so on, pass through it like it’s the market gate, tell me then, why should we not have a terrible security situation in the country? Everyone is only after money and not rendering good service for the growth and betterment of the entire nation. obviously, most of the security agents have not been helping issues, and tell me why then would they perform proficiently when all their mind is on how much they will be able to make through their post rather than how much good services they must render to the country- In the abundance of all sorts of security agents and laws we are battling with a wide spread insecurity of all grade- from terrorism, kidnapping, robbery, killings, herdsmen rampaging our villages and farm lands, and so many other security challenges. So, I cannot really tell what is happening here, is that we have fallen completely to the feet of our national threats that we have accepted defeat already? If it is not a case where a security agent has raped a young innocent girl, harassed and intimidated a poor helpless citizen, or that they have killed an innocent man, or also that they have gone into the street and carried out a mass arrest of helpless and innocent citizens, probably after a robbery incident- is that the way to ensure a secured society? Obviously not! We must rise above our present obsolete form of security system if we ever desire to overcome the security challenges we are faced with. Some security agents obviously are not in the force to contribute anything meaningful to the nation in terms of peace and adequate security for the people, but are rather on there for something else, probably on a selfish mission-to make as much money as they can.

It is also very bad that we have been playing lot of politics with the insecurity situation in our nation, especially the Boko-Haram case, and that is where our downfall starts. Take a look at the case of the missing Chibok girls, till today many still believe that there was no abduction. But I would not blame anyone who took such a stand because we are used to playing games and politics with almost everything here. It took a long time for some of us to even believe that there was an abduction, which actually caused us the setback we suffered in the early days towards rescuing the girls on time. There are issues relating to that whole drama I do not wish to raise here for a personal reason, but it’s bad the way some important, serious and sensitive things/issues are handled in this part of the world. Why are we doing this to our self? Why are we conniving and conspiring with evil to destroy our heavily blessed nation? Of what benefit will that be to us? Must we drag in our games of politics into everything here?

We are busy and determined in learning the evil of other people whose country are at the brink of collages, and making sure we infest our country with same plague of death- what kind of people are we then? And then it’s important I say this at this juncture, Nigeria is not battling just mere insurgency in the name of Boko-Haram, but some other evil and their doers that have cloaked itself as Boko-Haram, or that is manifesting through the name Boko-Haram. And I think we should have known that long before now. We are really in for something serious that is approaching us with a truck load of terrible and horrible situations, and that is why I urge and charge our everyone, but especially our security and intelligence departments to rise up to the challenge, even if it entail collaborating with credible foreign agencies to unmask the wind of calamity prancing from one part of our country to another. The situation we have found ourselves at the moment has gone beyond just making promises, words trading, taking side or playing dark room politics with, else we have agreed that our father land be reduced to a mere geographical entity or name, then our story might equally have been told.

We have had too many conflicting ascription about the current insurgency in the country- one time we hear that the Boko-Haram is fighting against western knowledge, the other time we hear that they want to Islamize Nigeria or some other things, yet, we have had reports of attacks on churches, motor parks, streets, public centers, mosques, houses of Islamic clerics, assassinations on even Muslim brothers, villages occupied by Muslims, their markets, etc., and on some of these attacks, both Christians, pagans, Muslims, all die in the process- what then is the motive of the group? So, we now see that there is a serious challenge facing us. It is not a battle to be embarked on without; proper facts gathering, a well sophisticated and a coordinated intelligence network that those to be involved in the fight must be credible persons, not just our usual any how arrangement, for we already have too many Judas in the house, even Mr. President is aware of that, he didn’t just wake up one morning and told us that Boko-Haram has infiltrated his government, but my question is, what then have the government been doing to tackle that case too? There are just too many mysteries in the whole thing. Ok, take a look at the case of the Australian negotiator, who made some revelations about the Boko-Haram after attempting to secure the release of the Chibok girls. Though after all, the federal government came out to deny that they never hired the man to do such a job for Nigeria. Am confused here just like every other Nigerian, who hired him then? You see the politics I have been talking about? Till this moment we are still lost. Am not saying the government is lying, but who hired him then? The point is clear here, I mean the game of politics in play at all point. Besides, it will be hard for the insurgents to easily disclose the names of their sponsors to him, not even under duress; it is somehow a funny one how the negotiator came up those names he mentioned. So do we see the game play here? But I expect the Federal Government to make use of that situation to gather some useful facts from the negotiator if actually there was such a thing like negotiation.

Now, being honest with ourselves, the game plan for the present day insecurity challenges in Nigeria is to incite inter- religious and inter- ethnic violence that will eventually lead to our disintegration as already predicted- Nigerians must be very careful at this moment of our national life. The situation is no funnier; most parts of the North, especially the North East are almost collapsing. The economy that was formerly booming in the states is in total disarray at the moment. The standard of living and many other things are nothing to write home about, to the extent that people from other parts of the country are declining to travel to those parts of their fatherland, even most of our government officials are afraid of visiting these places too, and that is nothing, but a sign of that predicted disintegration we have heard about, already playing out.

Well, without mincing words, it is obvious that we are in dire need of helping hands in the fight against insurgency, which is battling us. It is very important we be careful of the kind of helping hands we accept, else, we will continue to be infiltrated with troubles we will not be able to handle afterwards. In fact, we are caught up in the web already, and for us to get out unharmed, it is going to be an unbelievable miracle. Why do I say this? No foreign aid or help will come without a price attached. You cannot eat your cake and have it. So, we should not expect that such a help will come without its own motive or agenda- No! At such times like this, we are often being carried away by the situation of things that we often forget to guard against the future, and it is only when the problems surfaces tomorrow, that we then begin to run helter-skelter. It has always been our way of life. For instance, take a look at this same issue of Boko-Haram; it began popping out its ugly head since 1995. As usual, we chose to ignore it until now that it has become an unbearable thorn on our flesh. Only then did we begin to attempt fighting it. What a life of happenstance! So, while we permit other countries into this issue, it could actually be the time to end this stake of terror on our country or an avenue for us to be penetrated into deeply and mess everything up for us, and after everything, we will bite our fingers in deep pains. So, we should be very careful of the kind of commitment we are making at the moment, a superior intervention or involvement in this situation is very vital at this point, but the emphasis is that we be careful of our dealings in order not to create more elaborate trouble for us in the nearest future, or that we lose guard and allow ourselves to be manipulated to achieve any agenda. Please, understand the point. We need superior helping hands at this time, but we must be meticulous of who and who we are allowing access into our sacred place(s) and highly guarded data and information. Let this help not turn out to be catastrophe. And even if we accept offers of help from foreign countries, we should not lazily go to bed and sleep all day, we have major roles to play in this fight, and equally must learn a great deal from the people we may have invited to help us- you know we are too good in the display of hubris, where we will sit comfortably in our luxurious offices or homes and passing orders around. That will not work at this moment in our life; so as not to end up in regrets at the end of the whole thing.

On a more emotional note, our country Nigeria is obviously a target for disintegration or destabilization by an unknown group of enemies cloaking their faces in the name of Boko-Haram. It is our core responsibility to unmask this agenda and its cohorts. We might as well have been on the path of deception, in the sense that some of the people we are pointing accusing fingers at might not be the ones behind the Boko Haram ugly mask. Once we have become obsessed with that particular suspicion, then our will, zeal and determination to continue to fight to find the real cause of our problem will either weaken us or make us victims or casualties, and that alone poses as the single biggest threat towards winning the war against insurgency in our nation. Just like I had said earlier said, if Boko-Haram is fighting Western knowledge, and probably want to Islamize Nigeria or the north, why then are they attacking Muslims as well? Or, should it be said that they are attacking Muslims who have embraced western culture? What about the illiterate Muslims being attacked incessantly at their homes, market and other places? Have these ones too embraced the Western culture as well? So when you look at all these, you will know that we have not been told the truth.

Sometime in the past, there was a prediction of a major terror attack in Lagos and somewhere in the South. Though we are yet to witness that, but what can we actually deduce out of this? Should the predictions come to past, then it has succeeded in inciting intra ethnic and religious conflicts in the country, hence, leading to the path of the reality of the predicted disintegration of Nigeria -too bad! We must tread with caution at this critical moment in our National life; else, we will be playing to the gallery of splitting Nigeria.

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