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Welcome to Fynom Book Store...for publishing made seamless!!!
Fynom is a digital publishing and distribution platform for eBook authors, publishers and readers. The readers can read the first three chapters of every book on our platform and decide if they want to buy or not.
Our platform is a global market where people can upload and sell eBooks from any part of the world. We will take the authors digital file and turn it into an eBook that can be read on every reading device. Every eBook on our platform is sold at a fixed rate of $3(N480). The author gets 70% off each sale.
Our clients work will not be limited to our platform alone and so we will market and distribute the eBooks of interested authors to other eBook stores. Authors are allowed to suggest the price they want their eBooks sold on other eBook stores. The authors eBook will be available on Amazon Kindle store, Apples iBook Store, Barnes & Noble Nook store, the Sony Reader Store, eBookPie and many more in 4-6 weeks after submission.
Uploading your eBook on our platform is free and advertising your products and services on our platform is also free. 30% of every eBook sold on our platform will come to us for using our platform. Also 30% of eBooks sold on other platforms will come to us too. We will bear the bank charges. If you don't want your eBook to be on our platform but you want us to distribute your eBooks to other platforms, we would do that for you for a fee.
Our Vision
To be the leading digital publishing and distribution company in the world.
Our Mission
~ Managing and exceeding client expectations.
~ Exhibiting a sense of professional showmanship.
~ To provide the best claim service in the digital publishing industry.
Additional Services
Also, we will provide links to other eBook stores. You can follow these links to buy eBooks that are not on our platform. Authors and readers can express themselves on our platform, share ideas and talk about anything. Authors can also upload things they are working on for their fans and they can develop a fan base. You can create groups on our platform too.
We would go through every eBook and manuscript submitted to us. The authors work must be edited properly. If it is not edited and formatted properly we will not put it on our platform. Also if you submit your eBook for distribution and it is not edited or formatted properly we would not distribute for you. We have professionals in our company to help you with your editing and formatting. It is necessary we have a standard and keep to those standards. Authors can download a letter of agreement, fill it, scan it and send as an email to publish@fynomng.com.
Authors without names and an established platform are frustrated and tired of looking for publishing contracts with publishers to publish their books traditionally. Also people who have self-published their books out of this frustration need a global platform to market these books. We offer various publishing services and we make publishing easy. Our platform is unique and we connect authors directly to their audience.