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Getting published by Fynom is more than just getting a book out, its bringing your dream and vision into life. We understand the massive work you put into producing it, so we give it the same priority and creativity when we publish it.


Our publishing service is broken down for your convenience. It includes:

- eBook Sales  
- Manuscript Editting  
- Cover Page Design  
- Professional Formatting and Conversion  
- Distribution of eBook  
- Provision of ISBN  
- Copyrighting eBook in Nigeria or US  
- Creative Writing Course  
- Critique Services  
- Creation of Audio Book  
- Other customized services



Sales of eBook on our platform. - 30% of each eBook sold comes to us for using our platform

 Editing of manuscripts - 0.625 cents (N100) per page for less than 250 pages and $0.5 (N80) per page for more than 250 pages

 Graphic design of cover page - good cover design is critical to selling an eBook)-$125 (N15,000)

Professional formatting and conversion of soft copy to eBooks -$31.25 (N5,000)

 Distribution of eBooks to major eBook stores - $200 (N32,000)

 Providing ISBN number - $25 (N4,000)

Registering eBooks in Nigerian copyrights office - $62.5 (N10,000)

Registering eBooks in U.S. copyrights office -$125 (N20,000)


* Creative writing course-N60,000 ($375) 
* Critique services-N100,000 ($625)
* Creation of audio books-$500 per 10,000 words. With this we would produce and distribute for you.

-If you produce your audio book yourself and you want us to distribute for you, you will pay $500.

-If you want celebrity voicing (that is you want a particular celebrity to do your audio book you can contact us and we will let you know how much this would cost)