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Making the Nigerian Publishing Industry as vibrant as Nollywood and the music industry. POSSIBLE?
Post Date: Monday, December 22nd 2014
Fortune Ebel says:
YES! YES! YES! It is very possible! We live in a very dynamic world where the daily evolutions have necessitated the truth that for man to remain relevant to his society - both his immediate and future one, he must keep engaging in researches, make new discoveries that are relevant to present times and INNOVATE means of BETTER CHANGE.

Innovation is the catalyst for change at the expense of tradition. It was an innovation that the Nigerian movie industry (now branded as Nollywood) experienced ten years ago that has birthed one of the most vibrant world entertainment industry today. The point is this PEOPLE made that happened and just like we have people in the movie and music sectors respectively, so do we have people in the Nigerian publishing sector. To make our publishing industry vibrant, we must INNOVATE current century means of developing, procurring/accessing, storing and recreating books.

The issues that books address are infinite and whereas a single publishing firm may not be able to cover the entire paraphernalias due to the already-said infinite magnitude of issues that books can address, every available book publishing house must both expand their horizon as to WHAT ISSUE(S) their books address and make these books available in UPDATED FORMAT such as e-Pub, Mobi etc.
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