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Fynom Marketing Services


Service Categories and Pricing

  • Weel-$625 (N100,000)
  • Copper-$1,562.5 (N250,000)
  • Bronze-$3,125 (N500,000) 
  • Silver-$6,250 (N1,000,000)
  • Gold-$12,500 (N2,000,000)
  • Diamond-$18,750 (N3,000,000)

*Movie script agents: we get interested directors and producers to buy movie scripts from our platform and we get 10% of every deal.


* We have put together a package called ALL IN ONE for authors who want their eBook to be marketed on different platforms. It will be paid once and it takes care of almost all the services. From conversion of digital file to eBooks, eBooks to ePub format, distribution to major stores, ISBN number and design of book cover. We are giving the ALL IN ONE package for $150 (N24,000) . Note that editing, getting copyrights from the U.S government, copyrights from the Nigeria government and the creative writing courses are not part of the ALL IN ONE package. Also if you want to do each service instead of using the total package it will cost you much more.