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Many dreams that would have birthed the greatest innovations had died, because people who had them were afraid of being laughed at.
Here, we share our dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem. Its not about losing touch with reality, but digging into our sub-conscious to find out what we would have the world believe and do to reach our desired end. Welcome
Featured Dreams
By Timothy Cosmas on Sunday, November 9th 2014
FYNOM, great platform. My dream is to own an Entrepreneurship University, where the scheme and curriculum used for teaching is such that will engage the students productively while in school and create a lasting impact after school. With this, graduates will no longer contemplate on what to do after school.
By bridget ochonu on Wednesday, September 3rd 2014
I really appreciate fynom for this great previllage of sharing my dreams. I have always dreamt of being an entrepreneur, a teacher and a vocationist because of my passion for teaching and seeing the present State of our country where young people graduate from university and after youth service still wondering in search of jobs.I have this vision of establishing a vocation and skill acqisition centre where people come and learn various skills so as to establish themselves and be self employed rather than depending on the government because government alone cannot handle the increasing population.
By Cynthia Basil on Tuesday, September 2nd 2014
We all have dreams and goals we hope to achieve one day in life,but the fact remains,how hard and often do you pursue those dreams of yours. Yes, so many things(finance, family, friends, the society at large, gender,etc) may pose as hinderances to achieving them. But nevertheless with God all things are possible.
I have a dream of becoming a woman of substance, a woman with a say, a woman other young ladies will look up to as their role model. I want to be a woman that can joggle the three most important things in life (i.e God, family and work). A woman the devil says'Oh no she's awake' each morning, a
By Fortune Agulla on Thursday, August 28th 2014
I sincerely appreciate an opportunity to share my dreams with the world on this platform. Between my 20th and 30th birthdays a series of events and opportunities have guided me to clearly define my dreams for family, finances, career, spiritual growth and socio-economic relevance.
For lack of time and space, I would limit my self-imposed assignment of a national reformer in the financial sector of Nigeria, by leveraging on a fusion of my God given talents in public speaking, mass communication, concept development, and an unusual love for automobiles.
I live daily in the reality of what I perceive the
By Odure Williams on Saturday, August 16th 2014
I have a dream. I want to be one of Nigeria's most prominent women at age 40. I'm almost 36 & I wonder how it's going to happen. Still, I hold on to my dream. I am a firm believer in what Yahweh can do so I don't give up. As I ponder on this dream of mine, ideas continuously flow through my mind. Ideas that I begin to see will transform lives & empower the younger generation, our future. So, I know my dream will come through & be true. God is enabling me with ideas to bring my dream to reality. I HAVE A DREAM.